There is a big debate over whether or not lobsters can feel pain because of the fact that they have a primitive central nervous system when they are being cooked so if you want to be sure before tossing the lobster in the pot heres how you can kill them quickly so they don’t feel any pain. First, make sure that the bands are fastened well on the claws because you don’t want to have to wrestle this thing. Then place the lobster on a cutting board right side up where the tail would curve downward. Grab a large knife preferably a sharp 10 inch chef knife and place it an inch behind the eyes like so. Killing a Lobster Killing a LobsterNext in one quick motion your going to puncture the lobsters head down to the cutting board and cut down through the head between the eyes instantly killing the lobster. Killing a LobsterKilling a LobsterThe lobster may continue to move for a minute after you kill it but that’s normal. Make sure to cook or freeze the lobster right after you kill it or it will be no good! Here you can see all the ways to cook a lobster

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