• One whole chicken or other fowl
  • A sharp chef knife
  • Scissors (optional)

Cutting a chicken in half is actually quite easy and anyone can do it at home with no special tools or super chef skills.

There are numerous different recipes out there that call for a half chicken, or any kind of bird really, from Cornish game hens to turkeys. With this easy to follow video you’ll be slicing and dicing your bird perfectly in a matter of minutes.


1. First remove any innards the bird may have, wash under cold water and pat dry.

2. place the chicken on a cutting board breast side down.

3. Taking a pair of cooking scissors or a sharp knife, locate the spine that runs down the back of the chicken and cut from one end to the next length wise on each side of the spine separating it from the bird completely as shown in the video.

4. Now you can open up the bird and take a sharp knife and press down on the center of the breast bone in the center separating the bird into two pieces.

5. That’s it. Nice and easy and your ready to prepare it in any way you wish. If you would like to learn more on separating poultry take a look at our video on how to cut apart and debone a whole chicken.